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Real-time dashboards and analytics give advanced visibility into your accounts receivable across business divisions, units, geographies, and currencies—all in perfect synchronization with your AMS. The days of relying on stale aging reports, scheduled exports, and spreadsheets are long gone.

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This year, 76% of businesses say the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed them towards digital payments. 82% say they’re changing their processes for sending and receiving payments. Now more than ever, your customers expect an invoicing and payment experience that works for them.

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Real-Time, All the Time

Leave the days of relying on spreadsheets and stale aging reports behind you. Quickly navigate through company, division, invoice, and line item data so you know the status of your receivables at any time—all 100% in sync with your ERP.

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The One View You Need

Keep your finger on the pulse of your AR at all levels, no matter how complex your organizational structure is. With support for multiple companies, divisions, and configurable customer segments, we'll show you your data the way you want to see it.

Superior Invoice Tracking

Gain insight into whether your invoices have been sent—for both online and offline channels—with the added benefit of being able to see who has viewed your digital invoices.

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Data That Works for You

Be sure that your team is focusing their efforts precisely on the customers and accounts that would benefit from additional touches—without frustrating the customers that don't need them. We let you keep detailed tabs on your customers with complete tracking of their activities and adoption metrics.

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Speak to us today about a better way to pay!

During this free demo you'll discover exactly how AcordPay will benefit your agency, like speeding up receivables and saving your accounting team time.

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