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APRIL 2021

Hello Acordians - 

Welcome to the latest edition of Loose Change. Here, we will try to keep you up to date on news and trends in the industry, as well as announcements specific to AcordPay.

1 | Carrier Corner

"For many insurance companies, legacy technologies are hindering their ability to innovate and to respond to changing market conditions, according to a new study released by Information Services Group (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm."


The Takeaway

Increasingly, insurers are looking to improve the customer experience by updating legacy systems and make the move to the cloud. Complexity is a killer and insurers are leaning on technology companies to help modernize all aspects of their business, including payments!


Read the full article:

Automate manual tasks and significantly reduce expenses related to collecting payments, reconciling with carriers and outbound disbursements.

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2 | Partners and Integrations

Stephen Murphy: Applied Systems’s next chapter ‘challenging previous assumptions’. Applied Systems Europe’s customer success director reveals what the software house’s plans with Google will mean for brokers and insurers


Exiciting to read about the roadmap that Applied has been rolling out in recent weeks. The parntership with Google is clearly shaking up how Applied is thinking about their roadmap and software releases - exciting times!


Read the full article and interview here.

3 | Digital Developments

Do health apps really work?


Findings that mobile and wearable devices and apps do lead patients to change their behaviors in ways that can positively affect their health provide offer not just patients but also care providers and insurers with opportunities. 


As our lives become more and more digitized the debate often turns to, "how much privacy do we really have?". Indications are that health apps work, but what are the wide-spread implications to how insurers are leveraging data about us?


Read the full HBR article here.

In other news...


  • AcordPay and ClearPay have merged: Yes, in our own news, we are excited about the formal merger with ClearPay. Having partnered on projects for the last few years, we are excited to have the experience and leadership of John Knotek, Karrie Warner and the entire ClearPay team!  Read the full release.

  • IIC Student Hackathon showcases bright further for insurance: Fantastic to read how younger minds are thinking about the insurance industry. Congratulations to the Insurance Institute of Canada in running the first-ever Student Hackathon, in partnerhsip with Cookhouse Labs. Read more here.

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