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Deliver invoices, statements, and supporting documents in a variety of online and offline formats, based on how your individual customers want to receive them.

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This year, 76% of businesses say the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed them towards digital payments. 82% say they’re changing their processes for sending and receiving payments. Now more than ever, your customers expect an invoicing and payment experience that works for them.

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Invoices and Supporting Documents

Invoices can be directly linked to the relevant policy documentation electronically, so your customers can access the invoice and supporting information together.

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Consolidated Statements and Summary Invoices

Allow your customers to receive invoices packaged the way they want—individually, consolidated, or as a monthly statement. Know exactly where an invoice stands, regardless of the delivery format customers choose. Now you can make more informed decisions about when and how to interact with your customers.

Customized Invoice Branding

Tailor the design and layout of your invoices to ensure your customers receive a seamless branded experience throughout the entire AR process. With virtually unlimited options, you have the flexibility to design the look and feel and determine the level of detail for your invoices that best suits your business and customers.

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Speak to us today about a better way to pay!

During this free demo you'll discover exactly how AcordPay will benefit your agency, like speeding up receivables and saving your accounting team time.

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