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Give your clients the payment they expect without the high processing costs of traditional solutions. AcordPay is purpose built for the insurance industry, by insurance professionals to ensure customer satisfaction all while being a regulatory compliant solution.

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Payment Choices

With an AcordPay merchant account you can process credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and American Express), Debit Cards, ACH, EFT and Interac payments.

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Branded Payments

Deliver a branded payment experience for your customers to pay you directly.

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Add a Fee

Add an optional, compliant fee to
collect credit card payments
from your customers.

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API Integration

Integrate our API directly into your web, mobile or other applications to streamline the payments process.

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Request Pay

Send payment requests directly to your customers from your agency management system.

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Compliant Solutions

Money flows directly to your
Trust account, compliant across
Canada and all 50 US States

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IVR Integration

Accept payments securely via phone.

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Customize Form

Customize the payment form with the information for accounting
or other purposes.

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Spread payments over 3 payments to provide additional flexibility
to your customers.

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Direct Reconciliation

Reconcile payment directly to your agency management system or other accounting package.

Payment Flexibility
Compliant Solutions
Integrated Options

Customized Payment Solutions

Speak to us today about your customized payment needs and solutions.

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Speak to us today about a better way to pay!

During this free demo you'll discover exactly how AcordPay will benefit your agency, like speeding up receivables and saving your accounting team time.

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